Bed Socks, Gold Shoes and Pancetta Salad

If you were to stop by my house at around 6 o’clock each morn­ing, you’d regret it. I’ve per­fec­ted an effi­cient but hideous early-morn­ing out­fit to take my daft span­iel for a walk. Pyja­mas, dress­ing gown, woolly scarf, gloves, bed socks and my teen­age son’s giant-sized school shoes (the only foot­wear large enough to accom­mod­ate the super-thick red socks). They’re the kind of leath­er mon­stros­it­ies that Pippi Long­stock­ing would have worn — ‘black shoes that were exactly twice the length of her feet.’

Clearly this is an out­fit I try to avoid being seen in. But just in case you’ve ever spot­ted me in those coal-skuttle shoes, can I just point out that these are the shoes I’d rather be known for.….

I had friends to sup­per last night all of whom have, for one reas­on or anoth­er, had a miser­able week. I’m a great believ­er that in these cir­cum­stances, good food, good com­pany and good shoes can some­times help. We dressed up to the nines and although the food was frugal every­one felt bet­ter by pud­ding.

We ate pan­cetta and chest­nuts — one of those recipes that looks and tastes as though it took more time and trouble than it did — always a good thing. But it has one spe­cial ingredi­ent that involves a trip to Ikea — often not a good thing at all, unless you’re in the mood.

Pancetta and Chestnuts With Pea Shoots and Herbs

Serves 6

350g cooked chest­nuts

250g thinly sliced pan­cetta

Soft salad leaves such as pea shoots, rock­et, lamb’s lettuce and herbs — noth­ing that’s frilly or rasps the throat

2 table­spoons gravlax­sas, the sweet mus­tard and dill sauce that accom­pan­ies gravad­lax and can be bought from Ikea. I know that sounds a little odd, so if you don’t trust me or if you can’t or won’t go to Ikea, you can make it your­self by whisk­ing togeth­er 2 table­spoons of Dijon mus­tard, 1 table­spoon caster sug­ar, 1 table­spoon white wine vin­eg­ar and 1 egg yolk. Drip 150ml of ground­nut oil into the mix­ture to form an emul­sion and then add 1 table­spoon of chopped dill and some season­ing.

4 table­spoons olive oil

2 table­spoons best bal­sam­ic vin­eg­ar

Squeeze of lem­on juice and a little lem­on zest


Break up the chest­nuts and fry them in a little olive oil for a couple of minutes until sizz­ling. Stir in the gravlax­sas and put to one side. Add the pan­cetta to the pan and fry until crisp. Again put to one side. Dress the leaves in olive oil, bal­sam­ic, lem­on juice and a little zest. Sea­son the leaves and then tip the pan­cetta and chest­nuts over the top. Serve warm with a loaf of good sour­dough bread.

When I first joined the BBC I was shocked to dis­cov­er that TV news-read­ers wore posh jack­ets and ties above the desk but jeans below. In an inver­sion of news-read­er style, we ate our pan­cetta and chest­nuts with thick coats above the table (my boil­er is up the creek yet again) and, in my case, a frothy net skirt and the divine gold shoes under­neath.

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6 thoughts on “Bed Socks, Gold Shoes and Pancetta Salad

  1. Oooh, yes… I so agree. A psy­cho­lo­gist once told me that the reas­on we all like shoes so much is because feet are the only parts of the body that don’t change shape and size as we grow older…

  2. And you won­der why I con­stantly send you #FFs?? This post alone is worth a year of FFs! In fact, this line alone: “If you were to stop by my house at around 6 o’clock each morn­ing, you’d regret it.” That and the shoes… :o) The sounds fab­ulous too.

  3. The shoes are great and I’m resolv­ing to find more reas­ons to wear them in 2011. And thank you so much for your gen­er­ous praise. It means a lot. I’m relieved you found the com­ment funny — some people have been sug­gest­ing I change my out­fit.

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