Longstocking Cocktail

A glass of quince vodka with clementine juice and prosecco

It’s an Eggs On The Roof tra­di­tion that at this time of year I toast you with a cock­tail. Last year I saluted you with a pomegranate cre­ation I called Tomor­row Shall Be My Dan­cing Day.  This year I’d like to say thank you with a quince vodka and clem­entine juice affair.

A glass of quince vodka with clementine juice and prosecco

I’m full of grat­it­ude for your loy­alty, your solid­ar­ity and your shared sense of fun. In fact, I’m just so glad to have enjoyed your com­pany this year that I was going to call my cock­tail Pol­ly­anna, after the glor­i­ously cheer­ful char­ac­ter from children’s fic­tion. But since my cock­tail has a zesty little kick to it, I’ve decided to call it Long­stock­ing, after the fear­less, feisty and life-enhan­cing Pippi.

A glass of quince vodka mixed with clementine juice and prosecco


  • 1 part vodka — I used the quince vodka I made this  year, inspired by The Quince Tree. But stand­ard vodka will do
  • 1 part freshly squeezed clem­entine juice
  • 3 parts Pro­secco

Here’s to you all.

A glass of quince vodka mixed with clementine juice and prosecco

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10 thoughts on “Longstocking Cocktail

  1. What a per­fect cock­tail to toast out the old and in with the new. I mean, clem­entine juice and pro­secco? The vodka is just a jazzy plus! What a scrump­tious, fest­ive drink! And I will toast you, darling, won­der­ful Charlie and the friend­ship I am happy and lucky enough to have forged with you in 2011 and here is to a fab­ulous 2012 full of joy and abund­ance and great things hap­pen­ing — and to meet­ing and being able to spend some time togeth­er! Cheers!

  2. You’ve been so gen­er­ous and sup­port­ive this year, Jam­ie, as well as a huge amount of fun. Thank you for all your kind­ness and I too look for­ward to shar­ing good times in 2012.

  3. Here’s to the old year… it was such a pleas­ure to meet you and get to know your won­der­ful blog; here’s to the new and look­ing for­ward to vis­it­ing often for such bril­liant culianary/literary delights. You always strike just the right note.

    • Sally, you’ve been a huge sup­port this year — thank you so much. It was great to meet you in the sum­mer and I look for­ward very much to see­ing you again in 2012 if we can fix it. Happy New Year!

  4. Oh, I’ve only just seen this and I have no clem­entines or pro­secco but I do have copi­ous amounts of quince vodka. Is it alright if I make it with just that?

  5. I enjoy your blog very much. The recipes and pho­to­graphs are incred­ible. Thanks also for lead­ing me to the For­got­ten Book­marks site; it’s fant­ast­ic. Happy New Year!

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