Madeleines and white chocolate teaspoons

After last weekend’s dis­astrous vis­it to Tate Mod­ern in Lon­don, it was reas­sur­ing to dis­cov­er that La Musee Rod­in in Par­is is as won­der­ful as ever. The house on Rue de Var­enne, lived in by the sculptor Auguste Rod­in until his death, is wear­ily beau­ti­ful, like an aging French film star. It’s not so much ‘eyes and teeth’ as creak­ing joints and wrinkles — and I adore it.

There’s so much to love about Par­is but I’m still per­turbed by the city’s res­taur­ants. They take dull, pre­dict­able and snooty to a whole new level — the ghastly Bras­ser­ie Lipp has all those qual­it­ies and more.

We had a per­fectly good din­ner at Bouil­lon Racine, but the ser­vice bordered on the com­ic­al. We ordered snails and a crab salad fol­lowed by scal­lops and sea bass. Moments later the waiter came back to say that he had ‘abso­lutely no memory’ of what we had asked for.

At La Cou­pole on Boulevard du Mont­parnas­se we had already star­ted eat­ing our filet de boeuf when the waiter returned to the table, snatched our plates away and swept into the kit­chen without a word. We were left hold­ing our cut­lery in mid-air, help­less vic­tims of a car­toon food rob­bery.

What a relief then to find that La Grande Epi­cer­ie is as glor­i­ous as ever. The won­der­ful food store offers the best altern­at­ive to the errat­ic res­taur­ants in France’s cap­it­al city; simply buy a pic­nic and eat it in the park. And if you can, buy a box of white chocol­ate tea­spoons to take home with you, serve them with mini madeleines and eat with an espresso while you remem­ber all that’s great about Par­is.


Makes around 15 mini cakes

60g unsalted but­ter

1 large egg

50g caster sug­ar

50g plain white flour

Finely grated zest of an orange

Icing sug­ar to dust

Pre­heat the oven to 190 degrees c. Melt the but­ter and, using a pastry brush, lightly grease the moulds. Allow the remain­ing but­ter to cool. Whisk the eggs and caster sug­ar vig­or­ously until the mix­ture is thick, pale and foamy. Sift the flour into the egg and sug­ar. Fold it in, along with the orange zest and the cool melted but­ter. Fill each mould and bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Dust with icing sug­ar.

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12 thoughts on “Madeleines and white chocolate teaspoons

  1. Fab­ulous French trip with some lovely pho­tos — some excep­tion­al. How appro­pri­ate the madeleines are, not to men­tion the chocol­ate tea­spoons. Much more use­ful than chocol­ate fire­guards. Love to know who thought of that descrip­tion of the use­less; prob­ably some­where on the web should I search.

  2. lovely pho­tos and thanks for the vir­tu­al trip. oh i have not been to par­is for a long time — i really must! ooh and the tea­spoons look so deli­ciously edible!

  3. I’ve always wanted to make Madeleines, they look dreamy. It’s over 10 years since I went to Par­is, I would love to go back but I want to go just with my hus­band and not our 3 year old!!

  4. I’m with Meeta — thanks for the vir­tu­al trip and the vir­tu­al ver­tigo. I haven’t made Madeleines for ages and I have my monthly Proust read­ing group next week…so now I’m inspired — thanks again Charlie.

  5. Charlie I am so jeal­ous of those lovely chocol­ate tea­spoons. I’m going to have to make a little trip to Par­is too! Lovely pho­tos, and I agree about the res­taur­ants in Par­is. Px

  6. Thanks for the lovely com­ment Pas­cale. The spoons come in milk chocol­ate too.…
    ps. glad you agree about Parisi­an res­taur­ants

  7. What lovely pho­tos — make me long for a Parisi­an week­end. I first vis­ited the Rod­in museum at 13 with my par­ents and still have such vivid memor­ies of it — beau­ti­ful shot of the marble face! The chocol­ate tea­spoons are fab — reminds me of the say­ing “about as use­ful as a chocol­ate teapot” — which in my book is “pretty use­ful, actu­ally, if a little messy!” 🙂

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