Oh so cordial cordial…

A few weeks ago I paid trib­ute to poor old Blood Orange Pos­set, the deli­ciously del­ic­ate pud­ding that got lumbered with the worst name in the world. As if we needed remind­ing that life isn’t fair, along swooshes the eleg­ant, beau­ti­ful, per­fectly-named Apple Mint Cor­di­al. If Blood Orange Pos­set and Apple Mint Cor­di­al were guests at a wed­ding, BOP would be in the back row, behind a pil­lar and forced to wear a hat picked by Prin­cess Beatrice, while AMC would be in the front pew dressed entirely in Alex­an­der McQueen.

Not that it’s cordial’s fault. And I do love food that’s both a noun and an adject­ive. To drink a cor­di­al that is cor­di­al is very sat­is­fy­ing, although that might just be the cranky way my mind works. (While I’m on the sub­ject of gram­mar, food that’s both a noun and a verb is weirdly full of fat — think of lard, milk, but­ter and oil).

This par­tic­u­lar cor­di­al will quench your thirst at a glance.

Apple Mint Cordial

Makes about 1 litre

1kg apples — Cox’s are best, although I used Roy­al Gala here

320 grams caster sug­ar

Finely pared peel of one unwaxed lem­on

1 litre water

2 large hand­fuls of fresh mint leaves plus extra for serving

Chop the apples roughly, but don’t both­er to peel or core them. Place them in a large pan with the sug­ar, water and lem­on. Bring to the boil and then turn down to a sim­mer. Add the mint leaves.

Sim­mer gently for about 20 to 25 minutes, until the apple is soft and mushy. Turn off the heat and pour the entire lot into a jelly-mak­ing bag and allow it to drip slowly through into a bowl for a couple of hours. You can squish it through with the back of a ladle if you like, but I prefer to leave it to its own devices so that it emerges on the oth­er side as a clear rather than cloudy pink liquid. Pour into ster­il­ised bottles. It will keep in the fridge for about a week. Altern­at­ively, you can freeze it into ice cubes and use them at your leis­ure. Add about 1/3 cor­di­al to 2/3 still or spark­ling water and serve with plenty of ice and a hand­ful of fresh mint leaves.

Drink your Apple Mint Cor­di­al while mak­ing a con­sol­ing, slightly smug toast to poor old Blood Orange Pos­set.

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16 thoughts on “Oh so cordial cordial…

  1. Sorry poor old Blood Orange Pos­set got a (nom­in­ally) bad press — from me amongst oth­ers — as I’m sure it was deli­cious. The cor­di­al cor­di­al is, I bet, equally deli­cious as it cer­tainly looks it in the cus­tom­ar­ily great pho­tos. Must plant some more mint as mine got killed by the cold weath­er early in the year.

  2. Hi Michael
    Thanks for com­ment­ing. It was very quick and easy to make — one of those recipes that looks as though it was a lot more trouble than it really was.

  3. Hello Jakey
    I don’t know why my mint sur­vived since it was bur­ied under snow sev­er­al times last year. And yes, the cor­di­al really does taste good. I’m still try­ing to find a new name for the Blood Orange Pos­set.

  4. Looks deli­ciously refresh­ing and will look for­ward to mak­ing it one of these
    days, maybe when my apples are in abund­ance. When I do I might be temp­ted
    to raise a glass to an ‘entente cor­diale’ between the houses of Philip
    Treacy and Alex­an­der McQueen as I fear that wrought iron gate of a hat
    Prin­cess Beatrice was giv­en to wear by Philip Treacy will do neither of
    their images any good.… someone has already referred to Eugenie and
    Beatrice as the ugly sis­ters yes­ter­day. A bit harsh per­haps but in my book
    not a nomen­clature for the pos­set and the cor­di­al!

  5. Hi mitzi Fritz
    Prin­cess Beatrice’s hat was shock­ing — I’m start­ing to feel sorry for Philip Treacy whose work I nor­mally love. Glad you like the look of the cor­di­al — let me know how it goes if you try it.

  6. Lovely recipe and a lovely col­our — like the rhu­barb of the last post (which I imit­ated, very good fla­vours) and the blood orange pos­set which doesn’t need a new name (though Waitrose have tried with ‘blush orange’ which I find a bit insip­id).
    Poor Beatrice and Eugenie, they always seem to struggle and nev­er quite get it right. Philip Treacy should know when to say no to someone by now. I thought Miri­am Gonza­lez Dur­antez (Mrs Clegg) extremely styl­ish.

  7. btw I love your apple trough, did you buy it or was it made for you? I once saw some­thing sim­il­ar with long legs in a magazine, but think I might have to get a friend’s Dad to make it if I want one

  8. Hi oxslip Glad you enjoyed the rhu­barb and I com­pletely agree about ‘blush orange’ — it sounds like a new addi­tion to the Dulux paint range.
    I haven’t spoken to any­one else who liked MGD’s out­fit but, like you, I thought she looked fant­ast­ic — both dra­mat­ic and chic.

  9. I can tell you exactly where to find one — Cox and Cox’s web­site, although they call it a french bread hold­er! — and, even bet­ter, when I got mine it was in the sale

  10. Hi Anwen
    Thanks so much for com­ment­ing — I always love to hear what every­one thinks. The cor­di­al is very pic­nicy and of course there’s noth­ing bet­ter than a pic­nic in my opin­ion.

  11. Thank you — Cox&Cox book­marked.

    Btw appar­ently Prin­cess Beatrice’s hat has its own Face­book page and plenty of pho­toshopped ver­sions (cat step­ping out of it etc.) out there too now. Oh dear, now I feel sorry for her.

  12. I loved mak­ing this cor­di­al but only made it with apples that were to hand at the time — not ‘as recom­men­ded’ — the cor­di­al tasted less apple-y (a hint) and more water plus sugar.….do you think the mis­take here was not using ‘as recom­men­ded’ apples? Please let me know. Thought it a lovely idea though and very easy to make. Thanks

  13. Hi Rose
    I’m so pleased you enjoyed mak­ing the cor­di­al. I really do recom­mend using Cox’s because they have such a strong fla­vour and are sharp enough to coun­ter­bal­ance the sug­ar. So many vari­et­ies of apples in super­mar­kets are dis­ap­point­ing, espe­cially in some­thing as del­ic­ate as a cor­di­al. Let me know how it tastes if you try Cox’s next time. Thanks for leav­ing a com­ment — I really do appre­ci­ate it.

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