Plum tree

I have a dilemma. My neigh­bours have giv­en me a Vic­tor­ia plum tree. There it is, in the wheel­bar­row, wait­ing rather anxiously for the clum­si­est garden­er there ever was (me) to lower it into its new home. But if neigh­bours are going to be so neigh­bourly, shouldn’t I give them some­thing in return? Wouldn’t a jar of my organ­ic Seville orange marmalade be just the tick­et? But when I look at the golden jars lined up in the cup­board, I real­ise that I am a bad per­son. The phrase “I’ve just made this and wondered if you would like some” doesn’t come read­ily to my lips in the case of marmalade, although I’ve got an embar­rass­ment of brown, sludgy tomato chut­ney if any­one would like some.

ps. I’ll tell you when my tree starts bran­dish­ing its first plums. I’m going to make plum and chilli jelly.

pps. My con­science won. I’m one jar down.

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