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Charlie Lee-Pot­ter — writer, broad­caster and uni­ver­sity lec­turer from Oxford.

Charlie Lee-Potter

Here are answers to some ques­tions I’ve been asked:

Who takes all the pho­to­graphs?
I do. I can very quickly become nerdy about my cam­er­as, so I’ll lim­it myself to say­ing I use a Can­on 5D Mark II and a Can­on 7D and stop right there. The only pho­to­graph I didn’t take is this one. It’s by my friend, the bril­liant pho­to­graph­er Simon Brown.

What broad­cast­ing and journ­al­ism have you done?
I’ve presen­ted many BBC Radio 4 pro­grammes, includ­ing  The World at One, The World Tonight and The World This Week­end, PM and Open Book. I was a news report­er for BBC radio and tele­vi­sion for many years and presen­ted BBC Break­fast News and a series of polit­ic­al doc­u­ment­ar­ies for BBC2. I write book reviews and arts fea­tures for many dif­fer­ent news­pa­pers and magazines.

Your posts often seem to focus on lit­er­at­ure — why’s that?
Read­ing is one of my great loves. I have a PhD on the post-9/11 nov­el and am  a Vis­it­ing Lec­turer in Eng­lish lit­er­at­ure at Lon­don Uni­ver­sity.

What kind of name is Eggs on the Roof?
When I was little my mum’s best friend Sally told me that if I threw an egg over the top of our house, it would nev­er break. There are lots of eggs on the roof of that house. But food should be fun — throw­ing all those eggs was.

Why do you like eat­ing out­side in the rain?
Because when you come from the UK you have to learn to love it. It’s an essen­tial part of our edu­ca­tion.

Can I use text or pic­tures from your site?
All text and images on this site, unless expressly spe­cified oth­er­wise, belong to Charlie Lee-Pot­ter. If you wish to use any image or text from Eggs on the Roof you must obtain pri­or author­isa­tion and you must link back to the site, cred­it­ing me.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m sorry I’ve just read your “about” and I have, of course, heard of you. R4 is on here all day and I do recall “presen­ted by Charlie Lee-Pot­ter”. Will listen out for you now.
    PS R4 has kept my san­ity down the years!

  2. I too have dis­covered, and now like to use the word “gloomth” since vis­it­ing Hor­ace Walpole’s fas­cin­at­ing house Straw­berry Hill near Ted­ding­ton. Recom­men­ded!

    • I haven’t been there yet, although I did see a won­der­ful exhib­i­tion at the V and A about him. I will def­in­itely go to Straw­berry Hill on your recom­mend­a­tion.

  3. Hey Charlie
    I just read your blog and really enjoyed it. I par­tic­u­larly liked the para­graph in the recipe about mango cups with lime ice cream. It was about how psy­cho­lo­gists should be feed­ing people sweets from their child­hood instead of music of their past. I agree! While I was read­ing I decided to add your blog to my ICT home­work which is about blogs that I enjoyed read­ing.

    • Thanks, Hugo. As far as I know, my blog’s nev­er been the sub­ject of ICT home­work before, so I’m feel­ing very proud! I won­der which sweets would bring back your earli­est memor­ies.

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