Green gazpacho with borage ice

Going through secur­ity for my flight from New York to Vir­ginia I noticed a sign that said ‘no snow-globes may be taken on this flight.’ It soun­ded such a fanci­ful idea to even think of tak­ing a snow-globe fly­ing that I imme­di­ately wanted to. And that got me think­ing about how to make an edible snow-globe. So far the best I’ve come up with is this.… a bor­age ice sphere.

Admit­tedly it’s more like one of those hefty glass paper­weights that are the mys­tery weapons in Agatha Christie crime nov­els, but I think it’s beau­ti­ful all the same. And since I was in fanci­ful mood I decided to pair my globe with not red but green gazpacho soup. I’ve always found the sheer bossy liv­id­ness of red gazpacho very off-putting. This green con­fec­tion is coolly eleg­ant Grace Kelly to siren fire-cracker Rita Hayworth.

Bor­age Ice

Simply add bor­age flowers (which taste of cucum­ber) to your favour­ite ice-cube mould, top up with water and freeze.

Green Gazpacho

2lbs assor­ted red and yel­low toma­toes — just so long as they smell of sum­mer and haven’t had their fla­vour anni­hil­ated in the fridge

Quarter cup gin — this idea is inspired by the chef Alex Urena. He uses vodka but I think the juni­per fla­vour of the gin draws out the taste of the toma­toes beautifully

3 green pep­pers deseeded and chopped roughly

1 cucum­ber peeled and sliced

2 stalks of cel­ery chopped

Hand­ful of cel­ery leaves

2 table­spoons white wine vinegar

1 table­spoon red wine vinegar

1 table­spoon lime juice

1 table­spoon sugar

Salt and pepper

Fist­ful of cori­ander leaves

Serves 4

Whizz up the toma­toes and gin in a blender. Pour into a sieve lined with kit­chen towel and allow to drip into a bowl in the fridge overnight. Mean­while mix the pep­pers, cucum­ber, cel­ery and cel­ery leaves with the vin­eg­ars, juice, sugar and season­ing in a bowl and place this in the fridge too. The next morn­ing chuck out the tomato that has col­lec­ted in the kit­chen paper. Add the clear tomato liquid, the con­tents of the veget­able bowl and the cori­ander leaves to the blender and whizz until smooth. If you like you can re-drip this through a paper-lined sieve if you want clear, green soph­ist­ic­a­tion. But there’s really no need and I never do.

Add a bor­age sphere to your ice cold soup. Eat while ima­gin­ing what your fantasy snow globe would contain.