Take 7 — A Tripbase project

Being a rum­mager by nature, I was thrilled to be nom­in­ated by Jeanne from the hugely suc­cess­ful blog Cook­S­ister to revis­it sev­en of my pre­vi­ous posts. It’s part of Take 7, the inter­net pro­ject that invites blog­gers to dust down sev­en old posts and drag them into the light. The cat­egor­ies are these: most pop­u­lar post, most con­tro­ver­sial, most help­ful, a post whose suc­cess sur­prised you, a post that didn’t get the atten­tion it deserved and finally, the post you’re most proud of.

As I took a meta­phor­ic­al pitch­fork to Eggs On The Roof’s hay­stack in search of those sev­en sil­ver needles, I unearthed all kinds of retro treas­ures I’d for­got­ten that I owned. I hope you enjoy my vin­tage finds…


One of my most pop­u­lar posts is my dis­cov­ery of the pink eld­er­flower bush that pro­duced pink eld­er­flower cor­di­al. But just nudging it out of the way to take first prize is my slightly per­verse attempt to make a chocol­ate pal­impsest. The whole pal­impsest saga was a rather daft lit­er­ary joke. As my chil­dren will tell you slightly des­pair­ingly, lit­er­ary jokes are the kind I love best. They say I’m in a minor­ity of one, but I think the pop­ular­ity of the post has proved them wrong.


In its truest sense, con­tro­versy is some­thing that opposes the norm. That being the case, my most con­tro­ver­sial post could be my Black Olive Chocol­ate Truffles. Olives and chocol­ate shouldn’t go togeth­er, should they? But if you’re an Itali­an politi­cian you may have found my post When Not In Florence slightly more con­tro­ver­sial. Read­ers cer­tainly seemed hor­ri­fied by my fight with a spurned Itali­an MP who threw me out of his car in the middle of a busy round­about.


My most help­ful posts have been those that encour­age read­ers to make things that sound dif­fi­cult but are as easy as can be — like my DIY miso soup or my home-made cream cheese. The irony is that the recipe for cheese is the easi­est for­mula you will find any­where on Eggs On The Roof.


I’m still sur­prised by the huge pop­ular­ity of my post titled Plum Jelly and Hot Baths, in which I bemoaned the lack of hot water in my house while mak­ing plum and chili jelly. I freely admit that I am an incom­pet­ent garden­er and my post about my miser­able straw­berry har­vest seems to have cap­tured an audi­ence that shares my fail­ings. Either that, or you all feel sorry for me.


I’ve always had a fond­ness for my slightly tax­ing post Exer­cises in Scones. It didn’t get the atten­tion it deserved, but as one vis­it­or to the post com­men­ted, it gave her a head­ache! My post With Love From Lovage deserved more atten­tion than it got, for its cru­cial con­clud­ing para­graph — how to make drink­ing straws out of lovage stems. How have you man­aged without them all this time?

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about my glam­our­ous grand­moth­er, Peggy, and her rice pud­ding. I’d love her to get a little more atten­tion — being the life and soul of the party, so too, I’m sure, would she!


The post I’m most proud of has to be my story about green gazpacho and blue bor­age Ice. It was a cre­ation that stemmed from a fleet­ing glimpse in New York and turned into some­thing rather beau­ti­ful, I think. But giv­en that today is the sev­enth anniversary of my won­der­ful mother’s death, I would like to nom­in­ate my post On Mother’s Day as the one that I am quietly proud of. It is hon­est, simple and, most import­ant of all, it’s from the heart.

So that’s my little vin­tage pop-up shop.….. I now nom­in­ate Pas­cale from the beau­ti­ful Extra-Rel­ish, Jam­ie from the sump­tu­ous Life’s a Feast and Mary from the quirky Mrs Miniver’s Daugh­ter to do some rum­ma­ging of their own.

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