Postcard From France

Mes Chers Amis 

As a child, fam­ily hol­i­days were so rare as to be an endangered spe­cies. We had pre­cisely two — one in Wales and the oth­er in France. The French hol­i­day near Albi was a rev­el­a­tion. I dis­covered Fran­coise Sagan, Toulouse Lautrec, gren­ad­ine, espadrilles, file paper with grids instead of lines, flat peaches, Sartre’s Roads to Free­dom tri­logy and auber­gines.  Apart from the nov­els of Sagan, an embar­rass­ing teen­age aber­ra­tion, I love them all still. 

I’m in France with two of my old­est friends and our com­bined total of eight chil­dren. Sartre and Lautrec have been sadly thin on the ground, but we’re doing won­ders for the loc­al peach and auber­gine crop. The recipe I’ve cooked three times already is this one, a feast I first ate on that French hol­i­day all those years ago.  

A bientot


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