Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

I’ve just got home from my son’s candle-lit Car­ol Ser­vice. The choir sang Tomor­row Shall Be My Dan­cing Day, surely the most glor­i­ously-named Christ­mas car­ol in the hymn book. The title radi­ates optim­ism and joie de vivre — qual­it­ies which can’t be over-rated but are often under-sup­plied.

As my Christ­mas present to you all, here is a vir­tu­al glass of my new Dan­cing Day cock­tail. Thank you for read­ing Eggs On The Roof this year and for com­ment­ing so gen­er­ously and loy­ally. Shar­ing stor­ies, books and food with you has brought me noth­ing but pleas­ure.

Dancing Day Cocktail

2 parts Pro­secco

1 part Cointr­eau

1 part pomegranate juice

Extra pomegranate juice for freez­ing into cubes or whichever geo­met­ric­al fig­ure takes your fancy. Per­son­ally, I have a slightly soppy affec­tion for hearts.

Fill each glass with the cor­rect pro­por­tions of Pro­secco, Cointr­eau and juice. Add the frozen pomegranate until the liquid reaches the brim.

I’m rais­ing my glass to you and wish­ing you all a happy and con­vivi­al Christ­mas. I hope that it is punc­tu­ated by laughter and made spec­tac­u­lar by instances of kind­ness. And may tomor­row be your dan­cing day.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

  1. Delight­ful. Won­der­ful pomegranate hearts and an excel­lent anti­dote for the dire weath­er. Heart-warm­ing for the pomegranate and for all of us.

  2. If that is not the most delight­ful cock­tail I have ever seen, I don’t know! I am SO going to try this. been through cava & rasp­berry vodka (LOL — cava as a mix­er :o)) with fresh rasp­ber­ries this year as well as pro­secco & Aper­ol. This will be my new treat. All the very best to you for the com­ing year!

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