Plum tree

I have a dilemma. My neighbours have given me a Victoria plum tree. There it is, in the wheelbarrow, waiting rather anxiously for the clumsiest gardener there ever was (me) to lower it into its new home. But if neighbours are going to be so neighbourly, shouldn’t I give them something in return? Wouldn’t a jar of my organic Seville orange marmalade be just the ticket? But when I look at the golden jars lined up in the cupboard, I realise that I am a bad person. The phrase “I’ve just made this and wondered if you would like some” doesn’t come readily to my lips in the case of marmalade, although I’ve got an embarrassment of brown, sludgy tomato chutney if anyone would like some.

ps. I’ll tell you when my tree starts brandishing its first plums. I’m going to make plum and chilli jelly.

pps. My conscience won. I’m one jar down.

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