Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

I’ve just got home from my son’s candle-lit Carol Service. The choir sang Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, surely the most gloriously-named Christmas carol in the hymn book. The title radiates optimism and joie de vivre – qualities which can’t be over-rated but are often under-supplied.

As my Christmas present to you all, here is a virtual glass of my new Dancing Day cocktail. Thank you for reading Eggs On The Roof this year and for commenting so generously and loyally. Sharing stories, books and food with you has brought me nothing but pleasure.

Dancing Day Cocktail

2 parts Prosecco

1 part Cointreau

1 part pomegranate juice

Extra pomegranate juice for freezing into cubes or whichever geometrical figure takes your fancy. Personally, I have a slightly soppy affection for hearts.

Fill each glass with the correct proportions of Prosecco, Cointreau and juice. Add the frozen pomegranate until the liquid reaches the brim.

I’m raising my glass to you and wishing you all a happy and convivial Christmas. I hope that it is punctuated by laughter and made spectacular by instances of kindness. And may tomorrow be your dancing day.


  1. Delightful. Wonderful pomegranate hearts and an excellent antidote for the dire weather. Heart-warming for the pomegranate and for all of us.

  2. If that is not the most delightful cocktail I have ever seen, I don't know! I am SO going to try this. been through cava & raspberry vodka (LOL – cava as a mixer :o)) with fresh raspberries this year as well as prosecco & Aperol. This will be my new treat. All the very best to you for the coming year!

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