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Longstocking Cocktail

A glass of quince vodka with clementine juice and prosecco

It’s an Eggs On The Roof tradition that at this time of year I toast you with a cocktail. Last year I saluted you with a pomegranate creation I called Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.  This year I’d like to say thank you with a quince vodka and clementine juice affair.

I’m full of gratitude for your loyalty, your solidarity and your shared sense of fun. In fact, I’m just so glad to have enjoyed your company this year that I was going to call my cocktail Pollyanna, after the gloriously cheerful character from children’s fiction. But since my cocktail has a zesty little kick to it, I’ve decided to call it Longstocking, after the fearless, feisty and life-enhancing Pippi.


Here’s to you all.

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