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Charlie Lee-Potter

journalist, writer, broadcaster, university lecturer, and printmaker.


Who takes all the photographs?  I do. I use a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D and, occasionally, an iPhone. The only photograph I didn’t take is this one. It’s by my friend, the brilliant photographer Simon Brown.

What work have you done as a broadcaster and journalist?  I’ve presented many BBC Radio 4 programmes, including  The World at One, The World TonightThe World This Weekend, PM and Open Book. I was a news reporter for BBC radio and television for many years and presented BBC Breakfast News and a series of political documentaries for BBC2. I also write about literature, art, culture, and music for newspapers and magazine

Why do mix up food with literature, art and music?  Because I love to cook, read, play the cello and make prints – so why not combine them? I work as a journalist and writer and am a college lecturer in English Literature at the University of Oxford. My PhD focused on the post-9/11 novel and my latest book, which was published by Bloomsbury in 2017, is called Writing the 9/11 Decade: Reportage and the Evolution of the Novel. It analyses the ways art, literature, and music responded to the 9/11 attacks and it was shortlisted for the University English Prize this year.

What kind of name is Eggs on the Roof?  When I was little, my mum’s best friend Sally told me that if I threw an egg over the top of our house, it would never break. There are lots of eggs on the roof of that house. But food should be fun – throwing all those eggs was.

Why do you like eating outside in the rain?  Because when you come from the UK you have to learn to love it. It’s an essential part of our education.

Can I use text or pictures from your site?  All text and images on this site, unless expressly specified otherwise, belong to Charlie Lee-Potter. If you wish to use any image or text from Eggs on the Roof you must obtain prior authorisation and you must link back to the site, crediting me.

How can I get in touch? You can email me at cracked@eggsontheroof.com You may also like to look at my other website: www.charlieleepotter.com It’s where you’ll find my paintings and prints, as well as details about my books and writing projects.

Twitter: @cleepotter

Instagram: @cleepotter



  1. I’m sorry I’ve just read your “about” and I have, of course, heard of you. R4 is on here all day and I do recall “presented by Charlie Lee-Potter”. Will listen out for you now.
    PS R4 has kept my sanity down the years!

  2. I too have discovered, and now like to use the word “gloomth” since visiting Horace Walpole’s fascinating house Strawberry Hill near Teddington. Recommended!

    1. I haven’t been there yet, although I did see a wonderful exhibition at the V and A about him. I will definitely go to Strawberry Hill on your recommendation.

  3. Hey Charlie
    I just read your blog and really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the paragraph in the recipe about mango cups with lime ice cream. It was about how psychologists should be feeding people sweets from their childhood instead of music of their past. I agree! While I was reading I decided to add your blog to my ICT homework which is about blogs that I enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks, Hugo. As far as I know, my blog’s never been the subject of ICT homework before, so I’m feeling very proud! I wonder which sweets would bring back your earliest memories.

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